Tara has provided Tyler with a vast array of strategies in order to build his language comprehension and use. With Tara's help, Tyler is now using full sentences to communicate ideas. He has made extensive progress in the areas of decoding and reading. Tyler enjoys working with Tara and cannot wait for his weekly sessions. Tara not only teaches him techniques that will help him do well in school, but she also sets up realistic situations to have Tyler practice his skills and develop his independence.

Katy T.

9th grade Teacher & Mother of three

My daughter, Skyler, is dyslexic and has difficulties with decoding and auditory discrimination. In the beginning, Skyler was less than enthusiastic about getting some help with her dyslexia. But, Tara very quickly won Skyler's trust so that now Skyler looks forward to her sessions with Tara.  Tara provides Skyler with the tools she needs to become a more accurate reader. Tara is extremely positive and encouraging.  She combines high energy with a great sense of fun and that has helped build my daughter's reading abilities and self-esteem. My daughter has gained confidence and increased her skills with decoding, vocabulary and expressive writing. Tara has tailored Skyler’s program to meet all of her language needs so that my daughter can be successful in the classroom and in all of her future endeavors.

Jhinuk H.

Mother of two