What to Expect

"Communication works for those who work at it." – John Powell

Getting started is easy! Each client can expect:

•  Free Phone Consultation

•  Request to complete Client Intake Form

•  Schedule Evaluation/First Session

•  Develop Specialized Treatment Plan

•  Determine type and frequency of intervention

•  Therapist will also make arrangements to collaborate with other professionals involved in your child's daily schedule (teachers, therapists, etc).

Diagnostic and Treatment:

This practice provides services for all speech/language delays and disorders and specializes in:

• Speech impairments including articulation and fluency

• Language based learning disabilities

• Reading, decoding and comprehension difficulties

• Receptive/Expressive language delays in children with ADHD and auditory processing disorders

• Autistic Spectrum Disorders including pragmatics/social skills

• Speech and Language Evaluations


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Download the Intake Form
SSL Intake Form.pdf
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